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High-energy, 6 piece, Reggae/Ska hailing from Northeast, PA. With a diverse set of musical backgrounds, lead singers and songwriters Michael Iorio (Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Vocal/Guitar) focus on keeping their music angsty while maintaining a groovy vibe. Lyrically, Elephants Dancing ranges from spreading good vibes to throwing down, supplemented by catchy horn lines and careful instrumentation.


Formed in 2015, Mike and Danny reunited on summer break and decided to start writing music together. The summer started as an experiment with the two spending time on the boardwalks of Jersey and Maryland testing the waters and seeing if their music had any appeal. What started with a singer-songwriter/Reggae feel, over the next few years blossomed to holster the upbeat and lively music the group creates today. Supplemented by the talents of Dan Sperlein (Trombone), Adam Jonkman (Sax), Isiah Ortiz (Trumpet), Serita Lagos (Sax) and Christian Hartman (Drums), the promise of a new and reformed, dynamic, Elephants album awaits in 2023. New music is on the way. ~Stay tuned <3~


Also we have soft bananas.



Mike Iorio

// Vocals/Bass


With a composition masters, a percussion performance degree, and an elementary education day job, mike brings musical prowess and creativity to Elephants. Mike's diversity includes studying classical and writing dubstep as well.

Danny Sales

// Vocals/Guitar


Spunky and passionate, Danny has a taste for pop-punk and studied Physics and Engineering. Being a full-time father now,  With a diverse cultural background, augmented by plenty of travel, Danny specializes in bringing life to group.

Dan Sperlein

// Trombone


Maryland native and Florida graduate, Dan is simply a whole vibe with his diverse influence of. funk, soul, rock and country. Boasting a trombone performance master's, this horny boy thrives in the moment. 

Adam Jonkman

// Sax


Having spent time touring with Ryan Devlin and studying music education, Adam hails from Connecticut and brings the sexy to sax. With a heavy Jazz influence, his contagious personality fills the stage.  

Isiah Ortiz

// Trumpet


Always chill as can be, Isiah is a music performance student with roots in a brass band setting.  Scranton native and pizza specialist, this man makes a mean pie at his day job. 

Christian Hartman

// Drums


With a diverse background, Christian has a cello performance masters and is a part of the Ravens marching band. This Maryland boi is a source of groove. 

Serita Lagos

// Sax


Wild hair and a killer attitude, Serita is a Louisville music therapy graduate. Her love of personal connection is always felt in the crowd. 


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